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European Level Competitive IT Certification for the Hungarian Vocational Education



Demand for e-skills has been growing steadily during the last years all over the world. According to the study published in the frame of European e-Skills Forum: “e-Skills shortages will result in an excess demand of 384.000 ICT practitioners in 2015.” (Körte, W. B., Hüsing T.: Evaluation of the Implementation of the EC's Communication on "e-Skills for the 21st Century", Empirica, Bonn). An important conclusion of related studies was, that European companies "were increasingly struggling to hire people who were competent in both information technology and business management. Companies need so called "T-Shaped" professionals who enter the workforce with a strong business understanding, ‘soft’ skills and knowledge of leading-edge technology.” (Fonstad, N., Lanivyn, B.: European e-Competence Curricula development guidelines, Final Reports, European Commission, European e-Skills Forum, 2010) EUCIP Core - at European level recognized IT qualification - is an answer exactly to this demand as its competence framework strongly focuses on the business skills related to the fundamental e-skills. The certificate was established by CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) and has already been used with success in seven European countries. The project aims to adapt EUCIP Core certificate in the Hungarian Vocational Education.

Primary target group: Hungarian VET students, career changers, non- qualified IT practitioners, job-seekers looking to break into the industry;

Secondary target group: VET teachers and trainers, managers and employees of SMEs.


1. Adaptation and localization of EUCIP Core in Hungary included its three Knowledge Areas (Plan, Build and Operate)

2. Elaborate the detailed syllabuses and the Hungarian EUCIP Core Program

3. Validating the results: piloting the first module by involving Hungarian teachers, 50-60 participants from vocational/university and adult educational institutes

4. Accrediting EUCIP Core under the Hungarian Program Accreditation System.


The consortium

The consortium includes ten institutions from 3 countries (HU, IT, IE). The coordinator is Prompt Ltd., the owner/donor of the EUCIP Core is represented by the Italian CEPIS member, Association of Italian Information Technology. The Irish Computer Society and the Italian E.Fermi High School have many years’ experience in EUCIP Core training, they facilitate the Hungarian localization. For the validation and exploitation of the results 4 secondary an adult training schools (HU), a university and an Enterprise Development Foundation are involved in the pilots.



  • Localized EUCIP Core IT Professional Syllabus and Curriculum
  • Course book for teachers
  • Hungarian EUCIP portal, with self test database
  • Accredited EUCIP Core Program


The main impact of the project are the increased chances of Hungarian (young and adult) people getting their placement at enterprises, by offering them internationally recognized, true pan-European IT qualification.



  • iTStudy Hungary Ltd. - coordinator
  • Association of Italian Information Technology
  • IS Fermi in Pontedera
  • The Irish Computer Society
  • Számalk-Szalézi Vocational Highschool
  • Öveges József Vocational and Grammar School
  • Neumann János Secondary School Specialized in Information Technology
  • Makó - Educational Centre and Vocational School
  • University of West Hungary
  • Enterprise Development Foundation of Pest County


Project basics

Grant agreement no.: 2011-1-HU1-LEO05-03626

Duration: 1.October 2013 – 30. September 2015

Action type: Transfer of Innovation

Program: Leonardo da Vinci – LLL Subprogramme, Transfer of Innovation

Participating countries: Hungary, Italy, Ireland

Website: http://it-shape.hu

Contact: Mária Hartyányi, ITStudy Hungary Educational and Research Centre for Information Technology

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